Denture Care

Denture care


Together with proper oral hygiene Polident® helps contribute to total health and wellness. Polident denture cleansers are effective in removing odor-causing bacteria*1-3 and clean without scratching4


Super Poligrip® denture adhesive creams are clinically proven to seal out up to 74% more food particles versus no adhesive in well fitting dentures5,6. The Super Poligrip range of products includes 4 varieties of creams, as well as Super Poligrip Powder and Comfort Seal Strips.

Living well with dentures:

The Policare® program has been developed to help denture wearers feel comfortable and confident with their dentures. The program includes in office materials, the denture essentials kit for new denture wearers and a dedicated website for denture wearers,



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* In laboratory studies Polident is not indicated for the prevention or treatment of oral and systemic diseases.

POLICARE, POLIDENT and SUPER POLIGRIP are registered trademarks of Glaxo group of companies.

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